Auto Suppliers Don’t Share Enough Media Coverage on Social Media

Posted Sep. 26th 2014

A recent study by Nielsen showed that “expert” content – third-party articles in trusted media outlets –is the most effective source of information impacting people in all stages of the purchase process Nielsen said, on average, earned media coverage lifted brand familiarity 88 percent more than branded content and 50 percent more than user reviews. Yet, […]

More Bang for Your Trade Show Dollars

Posted Mar. 24th 2014

(Guest post by Kayla Brown, Intern) When it comes time for your company to take part in a trade show or an event just showing up isn’t enough and it won’t guarantee the media coverage you are looking for. So this time around shake it up and try something new. Trade shows offer prime opportunities […]

Making Personal Connections on a Professional Level Can Lead to PR Success

Posted Mar. 17th 2014

(Post by Jessica Killenberg Muzik, APR, Vice President – Account Services) Not that long ago, I had the opportunity to pitch “key” national and regional media in other parts of the U.S. for a client, which can be a challenge when you don’t already have solid, established relationships with target reporters in areas such as […]

Want to be a successful marketing storyteller?

Posted Sep. 4th 2013

Many marketers approach storytelling backwards. They create their story based on the facts, features and benefits they want to convey to the audience … they focus on what they offer, what their expertise is, how their product or service works … they select or create a platform they’d like to use to tell that story […]

Business Best Practices: Kudos, WOWs and All That Good Stuff

Posted Apr. 3rd 2013

(Post by Jessica Killenberg Muzik, APR, Vice President – Account Services) Meetings … love them or hate them, they are an essential part of doing business. But what if meetings were something your team actually looked forward to or, at the very least, didn’t mind attending? Yes, it can happen. At Bianchi PR we have […]

New Tools, Old Rules: Social Media Policy

Posted Mar. 5th 2013

(Post by Jessica Killenberg Muzik, APR, Vice President – Account Services) When asked about social media policy, I once heard a PR executive sum it up in this way: “It’s just new tools, old rules.” Social media has indeed given professionals a new set of tools in our collective toolbox and with that comes the […]

A Picture is Worth … 53% More Likes and 104% More Comments

Posted Jan. 29th 2013

(Post by Jessica Killenberg Muzik, APR, VP – Account Services) We have said it before … “everyone reads pictures.” And according to a recent study by HubSpot – which evaluated 8,800 Facebook posts from B2B and B2C companies – posts with photos on Facebook pages received 53 percent more likes than the average post. In […]

Part 5: Creating Social Media Content and Process for the Business Professional

Posted Jun. 5th 2012

Continuously creating content is one of the biggest challenges to successfully implementing social media tactics in the business world. In the final parts of this series, we’ll share some thoughts on content, what to promote, the process, consistency targets and social media measurement.

Part 4: Blogs for the Business Professional

Posted May. 30th 2012

A blog is one of the most basic forms to help establish you as an expert in your particular field of expertise. Blog is an abbreviated version of “web log,” which is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. Many blogs focus on a particular topic, as is the case with our professional Bianchi Biz Blog, where we focus on useful information tied to PR and the business-to-business community.