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New Insights into the Processes, Motivations Driving Media Relations

Posted Nov. 30th 2023

Interested in the trends and issues that media relations practitioners are facing today? The we encourage you to check out the recently published study “Managing the Media: Corporate Media Relations Officers and the Evolving Media Landscape.” For the study, the authors surveyed 211 corporate media relations officers and conducted 12 follow-up interviews to examine the […]


Ron Cogan, Editor, Publisher & Writer at Green Car Journal

Posted Nov. 20th 2023

I am the editor, publisher, and writer at Green Car Journal and I also write for other publications and business clients as time allows. Can you tell us what types of stories, trends or issues are on your radar now? Top-of-mind is reporting realistically and honestly on the state of electric vehicles. For the […]


How to Craft the Best Speech for Your Company’s Year-End Gatherings

Posted Nov. 16th 2023

As it seems every year, the holidays and the year-end celebrations that come with them have snuck up on us once again. While the festive season might bring to mind thoughts of time spent outside of the workplace with family and friends, filled with glittering décor, gift giving, or holiday travel, it also brings an […]


Meet the Media: Emma Lutjen, Associate Editor at EE World Online

Posted Nov. 6th 2023

Since I graduated in December 2021, I’ve been an associate editor within the engineering field, first for Microwave Journal and since January at EE World Online and all the sites it handles. In both cases, I’ve been able to pursue stories while simultaneously editing and publishing content from outside authors or colleagues.  Can you tell […]


How to Avoid Press Event No-Shows

Posted Nov. 2nd 2023

Have you ever found yourself wondering why reporters didn’t attend your press event? Maybe you didn’t get the attendance you were expecting and now you’re taking the heat from your CEO for it.  There are many reasons why reporters don’t show up to a press event. Sometimes, they try to nicely break the news beforehand […]


Meet the Media: Madeleine Winer, Editor of AftermarketNews

Posted Oct. 23rd 2023

I am the editor of AftermarketNews at Babcox Media in Akron, Ohio. I am in charge of gathering news for our daily newsletter, hosting and producing podcasts, covering events and writing original content for our monthly print magazine and daily newsletter, among other projects. Can you tell us what types of stories, trends or issues […]


7 Facts Auto Suppliers Need to Win PR At CES 2024

Posted Oct. 19th 2023

It’s back … and in a big way! CES 2024 – the largest in-person independently audited tech event in the world – continues to gain momentum and is on track to surpass the 2023 version of the show in terms of the number of attendees, exhibitors and global media. And that includes the vehicle technology […]