The Power of Earned Media: What You Need to Know

Posted Sep. 7th 2023

It’s becoming more difficult in today’s media environment to generate coverage, especially for automotive and mobility technology suppliers. Why is that? With fewer reporters than ever covering the supplier beat, those that are left are being asked to do more in terms of covering broader beats, filing more frequent stories across traditional and digital platforms, […]


5 CES 2024 Mistakes Mobility Tech & Automotive Suppliers Need to Avoid

Posted Aug. 17th 2023

With CES returning to full, in-person form in 2023 after emerging from its pandemic-impacted virtual and hybrid format, the show is on solid footing to dominate the news once again in 2024. As the world’s most influential technology event, the potential for automotive and mobility tech suppliers to make an impact at CES 2024 is […]


How to Develop a Corporate Policy for Employee Use of AI: A Guide for Automotive Suppliers

Posted Aug. 3rd 2023

As generative AI tools continue to gain popularity in the workplace, it has become increasingly evident that automotive suppliers need to consider establishing a corporate policy that governs their employees’ use of these tools. Why? While employees may already be utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT informally – or with management approval – for solving problems, […]


Strategic Insights For Automotive Suppliers To Rock PR At CES 2024  

Posted Jul. 20th 2023

The countdown is on! While January seems a long way off, it’s not if you’re an automotive or mobility communicator participating in CES 2024. But where to get started? We suggest one of the best ways to move forward is by looking back. Data from the CES 2023 show is one source of information that […]


Suppliers Can Rev Up Auto’s Future at CAR MBS

Posted Jul. 13th 2023

Visibility, branding, PR and networking opportunities abound for automotive and mobility suppliers from July 31-August 3 at one of the North American auto industry’s top thought leadership events, the 58th annual Center for Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminars. Click here for sponsorship/exhibit details. The leading automotive conference of the summer, the CAR Management Briefing Seminars […]

Meet the Media: Patrick George, Freelance Reporter & Editor

Posted Jul. 10th 2023

These days, I’m a freelance reporter, editor and consultant. My work has appeared in a lot of places, namely The Verge, Heatmap News, The Atlantic, TechCrunch, Road & Track and a few others. I also part-time edit at The Autopian with some former Jalopnik comrades. I also consult on audience and editorial strategies for a few startup publications in […]


2023 Detroit Auto Show Offers New Engagement Opportunities for Automotive & Mobility Suppliers

Posted Jun. 15th 2023

With the Detroit Auto Show recently revealing highlights of the September 2023 show – with more automaker brands participating, a new EV Experience indoor track, added street course ride-and-drives and an inaugural, content-rich Mobility Global Forum – some automotive and mobility suppliers are wondering how they might participate in the revitalized event.   With three […]

How Podcasts Can Help Auto Suppliers Drive Employee Engagement

Posted Jun. 12th 2023

Guest Post by Jan Griffiths, president & founder of Gravitas Detroit In today’s fast-paced and digitally connected world, internal communication has become more critical than ever for automotive suppliers. Engaging employees, fostering a sense of connection, and aligning them with the company’s vision and values are paramount for success. Traditional communication methods alone may not […]

The Top 9 Reasons to Participate in CES 2024: Accelerating Success for Automotive Suppliers and Mobility Technology Start-ups

Posted Jun. 1st 2023

In the rapidly evolving automotive and mobility industry, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success, especially for newer entrants in this space offering software-defined vehicle tech, V2X, connectivity, lidar and other sensor and processing technologies for ADAS, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and shared vehicles. One event that consistently sets the stage for groundbreaking […]