Connecting through Proactive Public Relations.

Our Services

Public relations in the business-to-business automotive and mobility sector is about building the brand, enhancing marketplace awareness, and helping your organization to communicate and connect with customers and prospects … all to strengthen your company’s bottom line.

Using our deep expertise, longtime media relationships and extensive industry knowledge – gained over the 30+ years we’ve focused on the B2B automotive supplier sector – we can support your key business objectives with a program that integrates PR and marketing communications for unmatched effectiveness.

PR Strategy and Tactics

Your company’s PR program success depends upon the skillful marriage of two key factors: 1) a smart, targeted, realistic, and sustainable strategy; and 2) flawless tactical execution.

We can help you with both.

Earned Media

Nothing imparts credibility and reach to your key messages than earning positive media coverage in trusted media outlets through media relations and publicity.

We’ve been focused on this skillset for more than 30 years, so we can help you with a full portfolio of proven B2B tools and techniques, including: news releases, media advisories, media interviews, news conferences, media training, fact sheets, backgrounders, media briefings, press kits, media tours, press ride and drives/demonstrations, editorial roundtables, and more.

Executive Visibility & Thought Leadership

Thought leadership can help your mobility company to earn recognition as an expert and a preferred partner. We help you hone your thought leadership message and help position your executives as industry leaders – who share big-picture viewpoints and insights through media interviews, speaking engagements, social media, blogs, and industry/community involvement.

And for those automotive and mobility suppliers wanting more than those traditional PR methods, we also offer other ingredients for a winning integrated PR program.

Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned

Through our alliance with Roop & Co., our partner that is an experienced integrated marketing communications agency specializing in B2B manufacturing and industrial sectors, we can also bring you significant expertise in the Paid, Shared and Owned components for a synergistic, integrated approach.

Following the tenets of the modern PESO Model™ created by Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks, our team can help your company to harness the power of an integrated approach. This method combines components of Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media to establish credibility, trust, and authority that can drive your brand’s reputation.

Our teammates at Roop & Co. round out our offering with a broad portfolio of marcom services for a customized, integrated program to meet your company’s specific needs, including:

  • Branding – including strategy, messaging, differentiators and identity standards
  • Content Creation – development of all forms of digital and traditional content
  • Digital Marketing – from marketing automation and inbound marketing to SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing and website analytics, and more
  • Investor Relations – from investor communications strategy to annual and quarterly reports, from investor presentations to earnings calls, from videos to crisis communications plans

Global Coordination

If your PR needs extend beyond the United States to other parts of the world – from Mexico to the Middle East, or from Eastern Europe to China – we can provide single-point coordination through our closely linked Public Relations Global Network.

With 55 close, like-minded agencies covering more than 70 key markets around the world, we bring you the benefi of local communications experts when and where you need them. And they’re all ready to provide you with the same senior attention, responsiveness and personal service you’ll receive from us.

Our DRIVE™ PR Process

DRIVE is our own proprietary process to deliver results and accelerate sales for our clients. Each step of the process revolves around your unique story.

DRIVE is an acronym for how we methodically and logically guide you through the process of creating, implementing, evaluating and refining your PR journey:

D – DEFINE – we start by helping you define your challenges, decipher the issues and discern your desired outcomes.

R – REVEAL – we look at what motivates your prospects, research how and where they get information, uncover what messages will resonate, and identify opportunities for you to tell your unique story.

I – INTEGRATE – together with you, we create an action plan – that outlines goals, audience, strategy, tactics, messaging, storyline, media targets, resources and measurement – that works in unison with your other communication activities for maximum impact.

V – VELOCITIZE – our own word for quickly getting your customized PR action plan rolling, building power and momentum, and gaining traction with your prospects.

E – EVALUATE – together we look at what is working and what isn’t, making course corrections and adjustments for maximum benefit as we continue on your PR journey together.

DRIVE Infographic

Leslie Dagg"We want to help you tell your story and make it relatable. Storytelling can be a big key to success if your prospects can see themselves and their own interests in your stories. Helping you connect emotionally with key audiences and communicate what distinguishes you from the rest is one of our main goals."