Connecting through Proactive Public Relations.

Our Services

Public relations in the business-to-business automotive and mobility sector is about building the brand, enhancing awareness and helping an organization to communicate and connect in the marketplace … all to strengthen the bottom line. Providing strategic PR agency services in Detroit — and across North America — we support your key business objectives with:

PR Strategy and Tactics

Your company’s PR program success depends on the marriage of two key factors: 1) a smart, targeted and realistic strategy; and 2) flawless tactical execution. We can help you with both.

Media Relations / Publicity

To help you earn positive coverage in trusted media outlets that can greatly extend both the credibility and reach of your story, we offer a full portfolio of proven B2B PR tools and techniques, including: news releases, media advisories, media interviews, media training, news conferences, fact sheets, backgrounders, media briefings, press kits, media tours, media events and demonstrations, editorial roundtables, etc.

Social / Digital Media Support

The digital/social media revolution has added numerous items to the B2B PR toolbox. We can help you identify which outlets and platforms are best suited to help you meet your business goals. Then we can help you monitor, understand and activate the right channels to effectively make the right connections … and use digital channels to amplify your story.

Content Creation

Creating content is more than just assembling words and pictures. It’s really about understanding your strategy and adapting your messaging to the right format for the right platform to reach the right audience. We can support you with content for everything from your online newsroom to your employee newsletter, from your global website to Tweets for your corporate Twitter feed, from bylined trade articles to your annual report, and more.

Executive/Corporate Visibility

Thought leadership can help an organization earn recognition as an expert. We help position your key executives so they can communicate this expertise not only through media interviews, but also through speaking engagements and other industry and community visibility activities.

MarCom Support

We can also work with your team and other vendors to support and optimize the impact of your other marketing communication, promotional and corporate activities, including new product/technology launches, facility openings, trade show exhibits, conference presentations and sponsorships, seminars, educational partnerships, and employee and customer events.

Global Coordination

If your PR needs extend to other parts of the world –  including China, Eastern Europe or South America – we can provide single-point coordination through our Public Relations Global Network partners, bringing you a combined effort of local experts in more than 50 key markets around the globe.

Our DRIVE™ PR Process

DRIVE is our own PR process to drive results and accelerate sales for our clients. Each step of the process revolves around your unique story.

DRIVE is an acronym for how we logically guide you through the process of creating, implementing, evaluating and refining your PR success.

D – DEFINE – we start by helping you define your challenges, decipher the issues and discern your desired outcomes.
R – REVEAL – we look at what’s driving your prospects, research how and where they get their information, what messages will resonate, and uncover opportunities for you to tell your unique story.
I – INTEGRATE – together with you, we create a PR action plan – outlining goals, audience, strategy, tactics, messaging/storyline, media targets, resources and measurement – that integrates with and amplifies your other marketing communications and promotional activities.
V – VELOCITIZE – our own word for quickly getting your customized PR action plan rolling, building power and momentum, and gaining traction with your prospects.
E – EVALUATE – together we look at what’s working and what isn’t, making course corrections as we continue together on your PR journey.

DRIVE Infographic

Leslie Dagg"We want to help you tell your story and make it relatable. Storytelling can be a big key to success if your prospects can see themselves and their own interests in your stories. Helping you connect emotionally with key audiences and communicate what distinguishes you from the rest is one of our main goals."