12 Things to Expect from Your PR Agency – Reprise

Posted May. 29th 2013

In an earlier post, we outlined a list of seven things a client can do to make its PR agency great – our thoughts on how a client can make its PR firm more effective and a better partner ( here’s the link: Based on our firm’s 20-year history – and a few client relationships that have lasted […]

2011’s Business Buzzwords to be Banned

Posted Dec. 19th 2011

The results  — of our 2011 unscientific survey for the business buzzwords you’d like to kill — are in. Based on a couple of hundred responses from communicators, PR and marketing types from about a dozen LinkedIn groups, here are the 20 most hated business buzzphrases: At the end of the day* Social media expert […]

Forget Perfection

Posted Sep. 15th 2011

Ever been paralyzed by being a perfectonista? A recent post about “perfectionism” got me thinking about the difference between perfection and excellence. After spending years striving for, and being obsessed about, perfection at our PR firm, we have come to realize it’s usually better, more productive, more fulfilling and ultimately more appreciated by our clients […]

Creativity: The Magic Is In Your Head

Posted Mar. 22nd 2011

We’ve often heard entry-level or junior staffers in the PR or communications field ask: “Where did you get the idea for that program? I could never be that creative.” Creativity is a by-product of hard work, as long-time columnist-commentator-curmudgeon Andy Rooney once said. He suggested that the best creative ideas are the result of the same […]