Top Blog Posts on Social Media for Professional Service Firms

While many professional service firms have rushed to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in their business-to-business content marketing strategy, many don’t know how their efforts compare to those of their peers.

To help those firms understand how their efforts stack up … and what the greatest opportunities for improvement are … we analyzed three months’ worth of social media posts shared by 25 of the top professional service firms in the Detroit area in our Social media Use by Professional Services (SMUPS) study.

Here are the top six blog posts offering highlights and insights from that study:

1.) Social Media for Professional Service Firms: Separating Facts from Fallacies:

2.) Professional Service Firms Don’t Share Enough Media Coverage on Social Media:

3.) Most Professional Service Firms Neglect Their Most Powerful Social Media Platform:

4.) Most Professional Service Social Media Posts Fail the Interactivity Test:

5.) Many Professional Service Companies’ Social Media Posts Lack Visuals:

6.) Too Many Professional Service Social Media Posts are Self-centered:

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