Top 10 PR Blog Posts of 2020

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While the year 2020 will go down in history as a year of challenges for individuals, institutions and business alike, it was also a year where PR professionals rose to the occasion to show their creativity, resiliency and grace.

And, perhaps because of the uncertain environment and need for third-party reassurance and guidance, 2020 was surprisingly another banner year for the Bianchi Biz Blog, with year-over-year increases in pageviews, visitors and new visitors.

So in case you missed them, we’ve curated the 10 most-visited blogs posts on our site for 2020.

First, here are the five most popular blog posts related to helping our PR and communications pro followers survive and thrive during the COVID19 crisis:

1. Oops: Nine Work-From-Home Video Conference No-Nos

2. Pandemic Pivot: Five Mid-COVID Content Ideas for Your Social Media Channels

3. Not Back to Normal: 5 Factors for Communicators to Keep in Mind Post-Pandemic

4. Five Tips for Selecting a Crisis Spokesperson

5. 10 Tips for Video Conference Meetings from Home

And despite the challenges of the pandemic, our viewers were also interested in non-COVID19 subjects, especially related to the PR agency search, media relations pitfalls and influencers.

Here are the five blog posts on these non-COVID topics that PR professionals found most helpful during 2020:

6. The Best PR Agency RFP is No RFP

7. 10 Best Practices for PR Firm RFPs

8. Top 10 North American Influencers for Automotive Suppliers

9. 8 Questions to Ask in Your PR Agency Search

10. Off the Record, Embargoes and Other Media Relations Pitfalls

Happy reading! Watch for our next blog post, the Top 10 Meet the Media Profiles of 2020. Coming soon!

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