Pandemic Pivot: Five Mid-COVID Content Ideas for Your Social Media Channels

As communicators, many of us have been hard at work during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure our key stakeholders receive the critical information they need. With much of this first wave of crisis communication closing out, we find ourselves looking for mid-COVID communication ideas that fit this emotionally raw environment.

With negative news all around us, this brings a welcome opportunity to focus on different types of content, including more uplifting, success stories that shine the light on the positive things that are occurring amid the COVID crisis. And if there is one thing that this pandemic has proven, it’s that people and companies are showing their humanity. There’s lots of good stuff happening!

So let’s all embrace this pandemic pivot. Here are five topic ideas for your mid-COVID social media communications:

1. Uplifting Content: Everyone is going through a stressful time and could use a little lift in their day. Throughout the week, keep a list of the positive things that are happening at your organization. During your virtual meetings, ask others to offer their positive anecdotes (when appropriate, of course).

Think visually! Maybe it’s as simple as an inspirational image with a caption. Consider altering your typical company-focused posts with non-company content. Check out the content on your customers’, suppliers’ and other key stakeholders’ feeds and amplify their uplifting messages with a share or repost.

Consider this example:

During this time of social distancing, our staff members are finding ways to “do good in small ways.”

Our VP of Account Services and her boys recently baked cupcakes and made thank you notes for delivery to Henry Ford Hospital Main.

How are you finding ways to help in your community?

2. Success Stories: Good things are still happening, so let’s recognize them! While “success” during a pandemic may look a little different than it did a couple of months ago, there’s still reason to celebrate. Take time to shine a light on the successes of your employees, organizations or on your social media channels. Not only does it help promote the good deed, but it may just inspire others to get involved in some way.

Consider this example:

“A Helping Hand”

Morristown engineers launch 3D project to produce face shields for local healthcare workers

In the midst of a pandemic, a helping hand can change the world. No one knows this better than the engineers working at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ Morristown and Shelbyville manufacturing facilities in Indiana. Check out the link for the full details.

3. Inspirational: Right now, more than ever, people want, and need, to feel hope. Now is the time to focus on the things that can inspire people or simply make them smile. Recognizing a kind gesture, commenting on an innovative collaboration or posting an encouraging message is appropriate – and needed.

Consider this example:

Automotive supplier Cooper Standard posted a short message to recognize and encourage its global employees amid the COVID-19 crisis.

During these challenging times, we thank the CS team for their commitment to health and safety. Whether working remotely or reporting to sites that are resuming operation, our team has demonstrated the power of collaborating, practicing safety protocol and caring for others.

4. Community Engagement Stories: While most of us are under Stay at Home orders to keep us social distancing, we can still come together in unique ways to help our communities. Organizations with some extra bandwidth right now may consider ways to support their local communities during this challenging economic period. If this isn’t possible, use your social media to showcase the support your employees, clients, customers and suppliers have provided.

Consider this example:

Want to do something during COVID-19 to help someone less fortunate?

You can help the homeless of Macomb County by donating to MCREST – Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team – which is providing housing, meals and health help to about 60 people in transition.

Fox2’s Roop Raj recently highlighted their plight. News clip here: Donation info at visit

5. Gratitude for Essential Workers: Essential workers are on the front lines every day, potentially putting themselves and their families at risk. Let’s show them some gratitude. While medical professionals are often top-of-mind in our current environment, there are a number of other workers who are providing essential services, from grocery store cashiers to truck drivers, from first responders to delivery people, from sanitation workers to postal carriers, and from utility workers to carryout restaurant personnel. There are a number of ways to recognize this group via social media.

Consider this example:

Here’s how global automotive and technology supplier Schaeffler recognized its essential workers:

We have the greatest respect for all people who maintain our infrastructure with extraordinary commitment in this exceptional situation. We want to thank all our colleagues and all the heroes for their exceptional commitment. Together we are strong!

Did we miss something? What kind of social media content are you using right now? Let us know! We welcome your take on this pandemic pivot. Send us a note at or comment here

Author: Adriana Van Duyn

Adriana is an account supervisor at Bianchi PR with 16 years of B2B PR experience representing clients across multiple industries.  

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