A New Partnership to Elevate Your Mobility Company’s Brand

Bianchi PR & Roop & Co. Join Forces

In the ever dynamic and tumultuous world of automotive and mobility suppliers, staying ahead of the competition requires a comprehensive and integrated approach to marketing communications.

We at Bianchi Public Relations, a trusted name and hyper-focused specialist in the auto supplier sector for more than 30 years industry, recognize that sometimes clients need a broader range of synergistic content marketing services than we have offered.

So, to help those automotive and mobility tech suppliers who want more, we have formed a strategic partnership with Roop & Co., a full-service integrated marketing communications firm.

This collaboration brings together the specialized B2B automotive PR expertise of Bianchi PR and Roop & Co.’s broader digital and content marketing communications solutions, offering a powerful combination to drive your business forward.

Expanding Beyond PR: A Trusted Partnership

Bianchi PR understands that clients often require support beyond the realm of our deep but narrowly focused PR capabilities. In today’s digital landscape, areas such as strategy, content development, digital marketing, SEO & PPC, graphics, landing pages, online advertising, videos, brand identity, and even investor relations all play a crucial role in maximizing brand visibility and business growth.

Recognizing the challenges of building these capabilities internally, Bianchi PR has chosen to collaborate with a longtime PRGN partner, Roop & Co.

A Proven Track Record

The alliance between Bianchi PR and Roop & Co. is neither a new nor an arbitrary choice.

Our two firms have successfully worked together on several projects, showcasing the effectiveness and synergy of their collaboration.

Our first collaboration dates back to late 2015, when we teamed up with Roop predecessor Stevens Strategic Communications to lead several other PRGN agencies on the wildly successful launch of Domino’s DXP delivery vehicle.

That initial project laid the foundation for what has become a close and enduring relationship between the two agencies.

Shared Values and Expertise

During the recent Public Relations Global Network meeting in Budapest, I had the opportunity to spend valuable time with Roop & Co.’s CEO, Brad Kostka. Our discussions only reinforced my admiration for Roop & Co.’s strategic approach, Midwest work ethic and results-oriented determination.

We found that Brad and his team are kindred spirits for the Bianchi PR staff.

And as specialists in business-to-business marketing communications for a broad range of industrial and manufacturing sectors, the Roop & Co. team brings a wealth of expertise to the table, providing broader marcom solutions for more effective programs.

In short, in both approach and complementary skillset, Roop & Co. is the perfect partner for Bianchi PR.

Unlock the Full Potential: The Benefits of the Partnership

As a PR / marketing executive in the automotive and mobility supplier space, you know the value and importance of seamless collaboration and comprehensive support.

By leveraging the partnership between Bianchi PR and Roop & Co., you can tap into an extensive range of marketing communication services tailored to your specific needs and integrated for maximum impact.

Whether you require assistance with strategic digital marketing, effective SEO & PPC campaigns, captivating graphics, compelling landing pages, engaging videos, smart brand identity enhancement, or even reliable investor relations, this partnership has you covered.

Simplified Solutions

To make your experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible, Bianchi PR offers the option to bundle Roop & Co.’s services with their own for one-stop shopping. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless integration of services, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple vendors and P.O.s.

By working with a single point of contact for both agencies, you can enjoy the benefits of a unified and coordinated marketing communications strategy, resulting in greater efficiency, enhanced brand presence, and increased business opportunities.

Overall, the partnership between Bianchi Public Relations and Roop & Co. presents an exciting opportunity for PR and marketing executives in the business-to-business automotive and mobility supplier space.

By leveraging the complementary expertise of both agencies, you can unlock the full potential of your marketing communications efforts and drive your business forward. Take advantage of this trusted collaboration and let Bianchi PR and Roop & Co. propel your brand to new heights.

For more information about what Roop & Co. brings to the partnership, please visit And to learn more about how this partnership might help you achieve success, contact me at or 248-269-1122.

Author: Jim Bianchi

Jim is president and founder of Bianchi PR. He has more than 40 years of B2B PR experience in corporate and agency settings and specializes in the automotive and mobility sectors, having worked with several of the world’s top automotive suppliers, consultants and mobility tech start-ups.

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  1. Posted June 15, 2023 at 8:29 am by Fred Usher

    Well written, well said, and well done, Jim!!!!

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