Strategic Insights For Automotive Suppliers To Rock PR At CES 2024  

The countdown is on!

While January seems a long way off, it’s not if you’re an automotive or mobility communicator participating in CES 2024. But where to get started?

We suggest one of the best ways to move forward is by looking back.

Data from the CES 2023 show is one source of information that can provide some useful insight to the automotive and mobility technology companies looking to maximize their ROI with PR at CES 2024.

Look at these three insights – plus one bonus tip! –  derived from the data the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) shared about CES 2023 that may help your CES 2024 PR planning:

CES continues to grow in size and scope. According to CTA, CES 2023 “shattered expected attendance drawing over 115,000 industry professionals – marking the largest audited global tech event since early 2020. With over 3200 exhibitors, including 1000 startups, CES 2023 showcased the next era of innovation from transportation and mobility to digital health, sustainability, Web3, metaverse and beyond.”

What this means for PR practitioners: Work and rework your branded content and key messages to make your company stand out from the growing number of companies participating in CES. Attendees, including your key media, will be pulled and pushed in many directions over the course of the show, and you’ll most likely only have one – very quick – opportunity to showcase your company.

CES draws an international, diverse audience. 2023’s data suggests that the CES show continues to attract an international audience – providing a solid opportunity for automotive and mobility suppliers working to expand their customer base and global presence. According to CTA data, CES 2023 drew more than 40,000 international attendees from more than 140 countries, including 4,800 global media from 69 countries (all pre-audit figures).

With pandemic-driven travel bans around the world lifted, CES 2024 should attract an even larger crowd.

What this means for PR practitioners: While CES’s international mix of media offers extraordinary media relations opportunities, be sure to prepare your experts for a mix of cultural norms to help ensure respectful, impactful media engagements.

CES draws new global exhibitors / expands exhibitor space. Consider these key CES 2023 figures:

  • CES 2023 encompassed nearly 2.2 million net square feet of exhibit space, which was 70% larger than CES 2022; and
  • CES 2023 hosted more than 3,200 exhibitors, including 1,000 new exhibitors.

With more vehicle-related companies involved than ever before, and start-up companies involved in the new and emerging technologies needed for the electric vehicle, autonomous, connected and shared mobility movements, CES 2024 is likely to hold more mobility-related booths than ever.

What this means for PR practitioners: new exhibitors and expanded exhibit space mean more competition for attention than ever — making it more challenging to make your mark at CES. So, you’d be wise to manage executive expectations by pursuing targeted, quality media interactions.

Bonus Tip: Tap into the show key trends. With more than 300 vehicle tech exhibitors last year, CES has become one of the largest – and arguably most important – automotive technology shows in the world.

According to CTA, CES 2023 had keynotes from BMW, John Deere and Stellantis and products launches from global companies focused on self-driving tech, electric vehicles and personal mobility devices for land, air and sea.

What this means for PR practitioners:  Expect a strong auto/mobility press conference agenda and exhibitor presence at CES 2024. And with all these companies trying to catch the eye of top journalists covering the industry at the show, it is essential to avoid missteps in your CES planning if you want to maximize your time and investment of resources. Our recommendation: start your CES 2024 PR planning now.

Interested in more CES 2023 data? Then check out CTA’s CES 2023 recap release here:

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Author: Adriana Van Duyn

Adriana is an account supervisor at Bianchi PR with more than 18 years of B2B PR experience representing clients across the automotive, mobility and industrial sectors. She has also assisted clients on numerous PACE Award entries.

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