Top EV-Focused YouTube Channels That Mobility Suppliers Need to Follow

If you’re working for an automotive supplier and are looking to connect with key influencers in the electric vehicle (EV) market, you’ve probably noticed the recent proliferation of EV-related YouTube channels.

Who has time to watch them all?

As a specialized PR agency for a number of automotive suppliers providing electric vehicle components and systems, we’ve curated and compiled the following list of some of the YouTube channels you might find most helpful.

By following these EV-focused channels and influencers, you can gain insight and a broader perspective on the rapidly changing EV space, as well as the ever-changing mobility sector.

Among our top picks for EV-focused YouTube channels for automotive technology suppliers are:

EV Pulse 

13.7K subscribers

Overview: Focused on the future of transportation, EV Pulse shares information in a way that’s easy to understand to the everyday consumer and enthusiast. Topics from researching and comparing options for the best electric car or crossover to easing range anxiety and understanding the importance of keeping your car charged, EV Pulse covers it.

How to connect:

Co-Hosts: Craig Cole and Chad Kirchner

Typical Length: Ranges from 3 to 12 minutes on average with the occasional 30 minute to 1 hour video.

Frequency: Average 10 videos per month – more frequently around industry shows

InsideEVs US

49K subscribers

Overview: Covers breaking news of the day, and examines the how, what, and why of electric vehicles with insight added by knowledgeable, well-known insiders, as well as prominent contributors.

How to connect:

Hosts: InsideEVs editorial team

Typical Length: Ranges 2 to 15 minutes

Frequency: Multiple videos per month

E for Electric

173K subscribers

Overview: Information about the world of EV and mobile technology, sharing news, reviews, interviews with industry leaders and more.

How to connect:

Host: Alex Guberman

Typical Length: Average 10 minutes

Frequency: Weekly on Thursday

Fully Charged

997K subscribers

Overview: Fully Charged is the world’s number one clean energy & electric vehicle channel. It’s not only about electric cars, bikes, boats and planes, but how we generate and even own the electricity to power these machines. From looking behind the myths of renewable energy, to seeking the truth about conventional generation, Fully Charged demonstrates what the future could have in store for us all.

How to Connect:

Hosts: Robert Llewellyn, Maddie Moate, Jack Scarlett, Helen Czerski, Chelsea Sexton and Andy Torbet.

Typical Length: Average 15 minutes

Frequency: Every Tuesday and Thursday

188K subscribers

Overview: Electrek is a news site tracking the transition from fossil fuel transportation to electric and the surrounding clean ecosystems. The site is part of the 9to5 network.

How to Connect:

Hosts: Electrek editorial team

Typical Length: Between 3 to 6 minutes

Frequency: Average two videos a week

Do you have a favorite EV YouTube channel that’s not on the list? Shoot us a note.

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