Winning B2B thought leadership

Business-to-business PR specialist

As a leading, focused Detroit PR agency, our specialization in traditional and digital PR in the business-to-business (B2B) sector reaches far beyond automotive component suppliers. In fact, we have helped a wide variety of enterprises who target the automotive supply chain – from law firms to market research firms, from event marketing agencies to consulting companies, and from engineering service firms to trade organizations – to build marketplace awareness, generate positive media coverage and demonstrate thought leadership to win new business.

A few of the B2B organizations and professional service firms we have worked with are:
  • American Iron & Steel Institute (trade group)
  • Brooks Kushman (IP law)
  • Center for Automotive Research (research/conferences)
  • Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss (business law)
  • Kirco (real estate development, construction & management)
  • LMC (former JD Power forecasting unit)
  • MVP Collaborative (events/experiential marketing)
  • Ricardo, Inc. (technology/engineering services)
  • Toptal Automotive & Mobility (on-demand software development talent)

To help us guide these B2B enterprises in utilizing social media to complement and amplify their traditional PR activities, we work to identify new opportunities and best practices through studies such as our proprietary Social Media Use by Professional Services™ (SMUPS™) study.

Adriana Van Duyn, APR"Creating thought leadership and building differentiation for professional service firms is more challenging than for other client sectors. It requires a different mindset and approach to promote concepts and expertise rather than products. But we’ve been doing that since 1992, when we first began promoting the concept of lean production in North America. We relish the challenge."