7 Tips to Help You Work from Home and Continue Being Productive During the Coronavirus Crisis

Many of us are finding ourselves working from home, whether it be part- or full-time due to the Coronavirus. If that’s you and you’re having a hard time adjusting or are just looking for some extra advice on how to maximize your efficiency at home, the Bianchi team has collected our top seven tips for working remotely:

Stick to your morning routine and get ready for the day: As nice as it sounds to hop from bed straight to your desk still in your pajamas, your morning routine can set your day up for success. If you usually have a morning routine you followed before you went into the office, then stick to it! Wake up at the same time every day and if it helps, write down exactly what you want your ideal morning to look like. Following a routine will greatly help put you in the mindset for getting work done.

Set a schedule for your day: When you work from home it’s so important to set a schedule. Have clear guidelines for when you start and end work to continue to maintain your work-life balance. When working from home it can be harder to “leave” work, so set your office hours and be sure to share these with both your colleagues and family.

Schedule breaks into your day: As part of your schedule, it’s also important to schedule in breaks and lunch. It’s beneficial to get up and stretch every once in a while, stand while you work if possible, exercise, get some fresh air or walk around your house or office while on a call. And when it’s time to have lunch, move to a separate area away from your email to eat. Breaking up the day and keeping your body moving, can help you feel refreshed and stay productive.

Create a designated work space: You may not have a home office and that’s ok, but it’s helpful to have a place in your home designated as your “office” – that’s not your couch or bed and with sunlight if possible! When you walk into this space to start your day, you know it’s time to be productive and it also helps you to be able to walk away at the end of the day and turn off work mode.

Remove distractions and set ground rules with others in your home: If you’re not proactive in setting yourself up for success in your at-home workspace, it’s easy to get distracted. Remove clutter, keep the TV off, keep your phone out of sight and shut the door if you can. You can assume anything that could interrupt you will, so be as proactive as you can about avoiding distractions.

Another distraction can be from others in your home. Whether it’s your significant other, roommate or your kids home from school, make sure to set and communicate ground rules during your work from home hours. If your kids are home with you, remind them this is still a work day for you and be clear about what they can and cannot do while you’re working.

Keep a to-do list and set goals: Writing out your to-do list can help you stay on track. Listing out your tasks and crossing them off as you complete them can help make your day more manageable and keep you focused on each project.

In addition, try setting goals for what you’d like to complete in a day or week. While each day doesn’t always go as planned as new things pop up, this can help you create a plan of what you want / need to get done and creates a sense of accomplishment as your complete them.

Keep in contact with your coworkers and clients regularly: When you’re working remotely, it never hurts to over communicate and share to make sure everyone is on the same page and up-to-date on current and future projects.

Outside of work-related topics, it’s also nice to check in to see how you’re colleagues are doing, share stories about your weekend, ask about their families since you won’t have the usual face-to-face time to socialize and create successes.

Do you have any other advice that helps you when working from home?

Author: Jaclyn Bussert    

Jaclyn is a senior account executive at Bianchi PR with 8 years
of B2B PR experience working with clients across a variety of industry sectors.

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