Top PR Blog Posts of 2019

2019 was a banner year for the Bianchi PR blog (Bianchi Biz Blog), with the numbers of pageviews, visitors and new visitors from around the world almost doubling over 2018 levels.

In crunching and analyzing our website data, it’s interesting to see what blog posts resonated the most with our visitors.

Here are the five blog posts on general PR subjects that our audience visited the most during 2019:

10 Tips for Giving a Great Speech at the Holiday Party – a guest post by speaker trainer Christina McKenna to help CEOs say exactly the right thing at the company holiday party

10 Best Practices for PR Firm RFPs – a look at making the cumbersome Request for Proposal / Request for Quote practice more effective in getting you the best possible PR agency

The Best PR Agency RFP is No RFP – an alternative approach to finding the best PR firm for your company without undertaking the tedious RFP process

Beyond Results: 12 Expectations of Your PR Agency – a list of a dozen things that a PR client should expect from their PR firm partner

7 Things Journalists Expect in an Online Newsroom – based on a study by Tekgroup International, a list of the seven things that reporters want to find on an organization’s online newsroom.

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