Top Automotive / Mobility PR Blog Posts of 2019


PR for mobility technology and automotive suppliers is our core focus, so it’s no surprise that many of the posts on our blog (Bianchi Biz Blog) relate to automotive and mobility topics.

This year, those blog topics revolved around trends toward ADAS and autonomous driving, emobility, connected vehicles and shared vehicles, employer branding, influencers and events like CES.

In reviewing our website data, it’s interesting to note which blog posts resonated the most with our thousands of website visitors.

Here are the five blog posts on automotive and mobility PR topics that our audience visited the most during 2019:

Self-driving Vehicles, e-Mobility, Spin-offs and Talent Wars Drive the Need for Automotive & Mobility Tech Suppliers to Boost PR – How emerging mobility trends are driving companies to step up PR activities

How to Maximize Your Exhibit Success at CES – a guest post by exhibit expert mark Kerney of Structural Images offering advice to mobility companies on succeeding at CES

10 Takeaways from CES 2019 for Auto & Mobility Suppliers – a review of key lessons learned at CES2019 for automotive technology and mobility suppliers

Auto influencer John McElroy: ‘Most exciting time for the auto industry in 100 years’ – a summary of key observations on the auto industry by one of the U.S.’s top auto journalists, analysts and thought leaders

Top 10 North American Influencers for Automotive Suppliers – a list of the thought leaders, analysts and industry influencers that automotive technology and mobility suppliers will want to follow to stay on top of the world’s most exciting industry.

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