Tips on Picking an Interview Location

Location! Location! Location!

Location is crucial to success in the real estate world … and it can also be key to your CEO’s next media interview by helping to create the right impression with the journalist.

According to study results shared by our partners in the Public Relations Global Network — PRGN — the top location preferences for a CEO media interview vary, depending on the journalist’s location.

North American journalists overwhelmingly prefer the CEO’s office or somewhere at the firm (88 percent), followed by a phone interview (70 percent), email interview (20 percent) and a restaurant or public place (10 percent), while;

• The top choice for European journalists was the CEO‘s office or the firm (67 percent), European reporters were more likely to prefer a restaurant or public place (55 percent), a phone interview (53 percent) and email interview (27 percent).

Yet, interview setting preferences for journalists in one European country can be very different from the next. For example, the PRGN survey results indicate:

• In France, Italy and Spain, the overwhelming top choice (average 78 percent) for a CEO interview setting was a restaurant or public place to provide a more informal and personal atmosphere, while;

• In Denmark (100 percent), Ireland (75 percent) and the United Kingdom (100 percent), the top choice was the phone interview – due to time and availability constraints – making it more difficult for the CEO’s personality to come through.

To help you make the most of your CEO’s next media interviews, here are four location-oriented tips:

• Accommodate the reporter’s preference for the interview setting if possible. If the reporter has no preference, choose the setting that helps the CEO to communicate her/his personality and/or can support key messages.

• Make sure the setting is free of interruptions and distractions so the CEO can focus on the reporter’s needs. This includes turning off computers and mobile phones.

• Encourage the CEO to be a gracious host for the interview – be on-time (or early), well-prepared, make the reporter feel welcome, and allow the reporter ample time to get the information needed.

• Get specific local logistical and cultural insight from a PR agency that knows the local market intimately. (Through PRGN, Bianchi PR has PR experts on the ground in 18 major markets across North America and in 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.)

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