The Top 8 Tips for CEOs on International Media Interviews

There are eight ways CEOs can help ensure their media interviews have the best possible outcome when dealing with North American and European journalists, according to study results shared by Bianchi Public Relations and its partners in the Public Relations Global Network — PRGN — (

1) Know what the media have been saying about you and your company, as this is a key pre-interview research source for reporters. It will also give you a better sense of potential trouble spots.
2) Update your personal social media channels, especially your LinkedIn profile and Twitter feeds, as journalists are increasingly turning to social media for pre-interview research.
3) Know the information that is featured on your company website and in your company’s press and investor relations materials, as these are also sources journalist are likely to research before the interview.
4) Host the interview at your office or facility, so the reporter can see you in your natural environment and get a better feel for your personal style.
5) Share and show your deep knowledge of your company and the market in which you operate, providing supporting facts as well as big-picture insights that offer color and context.
6) Be honest, humble and as open as possible … and when you can’t provide specific data because of confidentiality requirements, say so, and try to provide some other information or perspective that will help the reporter.
7) Allow your personality to shine – be gracious, positive and thoughtful – and show your genuine concern for the reporter as a human being.
8) Know the cultural and journalistic preferences for the reporter’s home country, so you can tailor your presentation to suit those needs.

With journalistic and cultural customs varying widely from country to country, to ensure a positive outcome for each interview, PR professionals should offer specific and customized briefing information.

Ideally, such information would include input from a local PR expert who knows and understands the local reporter and media, market and cultural nuances … such as the 50 experts in key markets around the globe that we can provide through our affiliation with PRGN.

For more insight into how you can optimize CEO media interview outcomes and avoid international PR blunders by tapping this kind of local PR knowledge, visit: (

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