Taking a Proactive Approach to Social Media

Consistent action creates consistent results. In reviewing more than 8,300 posts for our Social Media Use by Professional Services (SMUPS) study, we noticed that the firms who took a consistent, proactive approach to their social media efforts had better audience engagement.

Are you posting only when there is a conference or webinar, and then going silent for a few weeks? Or to save time, are you posting the same update, character-for-character, across all of your social networks by using Hootsuite or a similar app – and not customizing them for the unique characteristics and environment each platform offers?

Here are five tips to help your company take a more strategic, planned approach to its social media efforts:

Set a target frequency of posts. Perhaps one new post per day for each social media outlet, while also making sure to maintain a regular response rate to followers who comment to your social media. Maintain a consistent effort to continually hit these targets.

Develop a portfolio of content. Revolving around the firm’s key focus areas, such as services, expertise, capabilities, industry event involvement, community relations, people, etc. Target two to three posts on each of the focus areas each month for each social media channel.

Add real-time content. This can happen as news develops (news releases), media coverage appears (link to news coverage), events occur (various shows that take place locally, nationally and globally.) – taking advantage of pre-event, onsite and post-event opportunities.

Gather and curate other news. This could be overall industry news, studies, research and trend / issue articles for reposting that address the interests of your clients and potential clients.

Develop additional appropriate post categories. For example, Factoid Friday, sharing an interesting firm or project fact, or Hometown Hero, recognizing an employee who is an outstanding volunteer in her / his community.

Between real-time posts, archived shared outside posts, there should be plenty of content to meet the one-post-per-day target and ultimately maximize the effectiveness and reach of your social media efforts in a consistent, strategic manner.

For more info on our SMUPS study, visit or call us at 248-269-1122.

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