Auto Suppliers Need to Shift Their Focus Outward on Social Media

More than 50 percent of the posts made on social media by automotive suppliers are focused on themselves, according to our recent Social Media and Automotive Supplier Habits™ 2.0 (SMaASH 2.0) study of the top 25 North American automotive OEM suppliers.

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Given that the golden rule of social media is: for every one post about yourself you should have at least three posts that aren’t self-referential. While suppliers have improved their ration from 34 percent last year, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The content a company posts should always be something of value to its followers, which can be achieved in many ways. Stepping outside of your company’s own news to think about what your audiences might find engaging or helpful can really make a difference.

Here are some ideas to help broaden your company’s social media post variety and make your content more engaging and audience-appealing.

6 ideas for more audience-friendly posts:

1. Repost articles from trusted media sources and industry thought leaders that discuss issues and trends relevant to the i
ndustry, even of your company isn’t mentioned.

2. Encourage conversation by posting a question related to current industry news or trends and asking followers to weigh in.

3. Stay current by tying posts into major events that are taking place, not only in the work space (auto shows, vehicle launches) but also to major events or fun observances taking place outside of it … everything from the Super Bowl to the World Series to holidays to a feel-good story gone viral.

4. Share some inspiration by posting trivia or images from “this day in history” or sharing motivational quotes for the day.

5. Highlight charities that your company supports or share news about community efforts near your headquarter or plant cities to show local attention.

6. Acknowledge the achievements, awards and honors your customers receive.

To boost engagement, strive to post three updates that are targeted to your audience’s interests for every one update that’s about your company.

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