Running your Social Media Program on Hunches?

Social media is scary territory for most professional service firms and marketers. They’ve had to learn about it on the fly, while adding this responsibility to an already full plate. And often they’re required to operate their social media channels without any additional budget, staff or time.

As a result, many times, their efforts are more reactive rather than planned and proactive. And because of these limitations, they may be running their social media efforts purely on instinct or hunches. And some are having good success.

But imagine just how much more successful these efforts would be with some real world, actionable data that is specific to Detroit-area professional service firms.

Here are six mistakes Detroit professional service firms are making on social media … and some recommended fixes:

1. Not sharing earned media coverage in your firm’s social media posts
2. Not posting frequently enough on your company’s LinkedIn page
3. Not making your company’s posts interactive enough
4. Not incorporating visuals into your company’s social media posts
5. Focusing too many of your posts on your firm and not on the trends and issues of interest to your audience
6. Not leveraging the power of Facebook

For more info on our SMUPS study, visit or call us at 248-269-1122.

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