Professional Service Firms Don’t Share Enough Media Coverage on Social Media

A recent study by Nielsen showed that “expert” content – third-party articles in trusted media outlets –is the most effective source of information impacting people in all stages of the purchase process.

Nielsen said, on average, earned media coverage lifted brand familiarity 88 percent more than branded content and 50 percent more than user reviews.

Yet, only 5 to 10 percent of professional service social media posts share earned media coverage.

Our Social Media Use by Professional Services (SMUPS) study of 25 top professional service firms (as ranked by Crain’s Detroit Business) showed that, on average, only 5 percent of firms’ Facebook and LinkedIn updates and only 10 percent of Tweets shared credible media coverage.

Mistake 1 Coverage

Sharing media coverage across your firm’s social media platforms:

  • Adds credibility to your social media content;
  • Extends the reach and scope of that positive publicity; and
  • Makes your story more shareable for your followers and fans.

And just as important for your media relations efforts, sharing media coverage wins recognition, builds audience and boosts the ratings for the reporter who developed the story – as reporters are increasingly being evaluated based on the number of shares, likes and comments their online pieces generate.

Five tips for sharing more media coverage on your social media platforms:

1. If you’re not tracking coverage via Google Alerts and other tools, start now so you have quick access to coverage links.

2. Follow/friend/like the key journalists, bloggers and publications that cover your sector so that you have fast access to the stories they are sharing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

3. When sharing media coverage, ensure your accompanying comments attract your audience’s attention and adds perspective to the story for your followers.

4. ‘Market’ the story different ways, posting it at intervals throughout the day or week with different comments, questions, quotes and visuals.

5. Retweet all media coverage on Twitter (and credit the news source with the outlet’s and reporter’s Twitter handles, i.e. @Forbes) and be selective on Facebook and LinkedIn so you’re not clogging up your followers’ newsfeeds.

Ultimately, if you want to boost the credibility and impact of your social media efforts, strive to share more of the positive, credible news coverage that your firm is generating. (And if you’re not generating enough positive news coverage to share it regularly, we can help!)

Bianchi Public Relations’ professional service social media study reviewed social media usage for a three-month period in early 2015 by top Detroit professional service organizations (law firms, accounting firms, engineering companies, architectural firms and staffing companies) as ranked by Crain’s Detroit Business.

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