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Our Global Network of Local PR Partners Bring You On-The-Ground Expertise Worldwide

Do you need PR support for a new automotive manufacturing facility in Mexico?

Or announcing a new technical R&D center in China?

Or navigating public affairs with the European Union?

Or media interviews arranged around your CEO’s appearance at IAA?

Our network — PRGN – can help you.

Bianchi PR has been the Detroit automotive/mobility member of the Public Relations Global Network since 2014 and in the 10 years since joining, has worked with many of its partner agencies to give clients expert local PR assistance when and where they needed it.

PRGN maintains vetted member PR agencies in virtually every major market around the world – 70 locations and counting! – and has recently focused on expanding our presence  in the emerging Asia-Pacific and African regions.

Unlike many networks which are just a loose affiliation of agencies, PRGN is a tight-knit group of agency owners who meet regularly in-person – at least twice a year – to strengthen relationships, share expertise and build skills together.

The entrepreneurs at these independent agencies are deeply experienced professionals – well-known and respected leaders in their respective markets. Often, before starting their own agencies, these principals managed the local branch office for a global PR mega-agency or worked as a top-tier journalist in their respective markets.

All of them sought a better way to serve clients, free of the bureaucracy and politics of mega-agencies. As independent agency owners, they could assure clients received the senior attention and superior service they deserve.

Some of the PRGN agency leaders at a recent PRGN Conference in San Francisco

These PRGN agency owners (all of whom speak English) can provide our clients with localized, targeted, effective counsel and guidance … because they know the local market, language, customs, media and political environment.

Working together for a common purpose, these owners have become close colleagues, friends and mentors to each other. Each is willing to go the extra mile for their partners and their clients.

For example, when we reached out to Integrate Communications, our partner in Japan, to help our client with PR around the opening of a tech center in Tokyo, the owners of our Japanese partner agency made sure that every single media target attended and covered the event … despite monsoon-level rain.

Our client was delighted with the results.

PRGN’s success is based on relationships. The kind of powerful relationships that are forged through personal interaction, common goals and mutual benefits. Because the relationships among owners are personal, the PRGN partners strive to meet and exceed each other’s client expectations.

So whether you need PR support in Korea – our newest market — government relations help in Washington DC, publicity help in the Middle East, or assistance with European investor relations roadshows, our PRGN partners stand ready and willing to assist you.

Feel free to contact Jim Bianchi at for more information about PRGN support, and feel free to check out our PRGN partner agencies listed below:


Alexander PR – Auckland, New Zealand

China Advocate – Beijing, China

Currie – Melbourne, Australia

Integrate Communications – Tokyo, Japan

LBS Communications Consulting Ltd – Hong Kong, China

Mileage Communications – Singapore

Mileage Communications India – New Delhi, India

Perspective Strategies – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PR House Co., Ltd. – Seoul, South Korea

Europe / MiddleEast / Africa

accelent communications – Vienna, Austria

Adverum – Vilnius, Lithuania

Alkemi Collective – Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa

Aristo Communications – Istanbul, Turkey

Aspekta AB – Malmö, Sweden

Athenora Consulting – Brussels, Belgium

Cabinet Privé de Conseils, S.A. – Geneva & Bern, Switzerland

cometis AG – Wiesbaden, Germany

Cullen Communications – Dublin, Ireland

Ellun Kanat Oy – Helsinki, Finland

Free Communication – Bucharest, Romania

Global. – Lisbon, Portugal

Goodwill Communications – Budapest, Hungary

Industrie-Contact – Hamburg, Germany

KAMIR – Tel Aviv, Israel

NettResults Middle East – Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Jeddah & Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Newmark Group – Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

OneMulti – Warsaw, Poland

Scandinavian Communications – Copenhagen, Denmark

Sound Public Relations – Milan, Italy

Spider – London, UK

Two cents – Brussels, Belgium & Boxtel, Netherlands

WE agency – Paris, France


Bianchi Public Relations – Detroit, Michigan (USA)

 Buchanan Public Relations – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

The Castle Group – Atlanta, Georgia & Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Eje Comunicación – Mexico City, Mexico

Fearey – Seattle, Washington (USA)

Ghidotti – Little Rock, Arkansas (USA)

HMA Public Relations – Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

The Hoyt Organization, Inc. – Greater Los Angeles Area, California (USA)

IDENTIA / PR – Buenos Aires, Argentina

L.C. Williams & Associates – Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Landis Communications Inc. (LCI) – San Francisco & Silicon Valley, California (USA)

Media Profile Inc. – Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Novitas Communications – Denver, Colorado (USA)

Peritus PR – Birmingham, Alabama (USA)

Race Communications – Goiás, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Brazil

REED Public Relations – Nashville, Tennessee (USA)

Roopco. – Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

RumboCierto Comunicaciones – Santiago de Chile, Chile

S&A Communications – Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (USA)

Southard Communications – New York City, New York (USA)

Three Box Strategic Communications – Dallas, Texas (USA)

Xenophon Strategies, Inc. – Washington, DC (USA)


What criteria does PRGN use to vet and select its member agencies, and how does it maintain the integrity and reputation of its network while accommodating growth and diversity among its partners?

Based on members’ input, the membership committee seeks out prospective members in markets where PRGN is not represented and/or in sector specialties that would be beneficial to the network and its members’ clients.

PRGN maintains a rigorous process for vetting its members to ensure they meet some key standards in terms of experience, financial stability and alignment with PRGN’s ideals.

First, member candidates must be nominated by a current member, complete a membership application, and submit financial reports and agency marketing materials for review by the PRGN membership committee.

Candidate agencies must meet strict criteria:

  • STABILITY – They must have either been in business for at least five years and have $500,000 in fee income or have been in business for at least three years and have income of $750,000 in fees;
  • EXPERIENCE – The agency principals are expected to have at least 10 years of experience in the PR profession with at least three years in an agency setting; and
  • COMMITMENT – The agency principal must commit to serving as the lead contact to PRGN, be responsive to PRGN member requests, be involved in the growth of the group and attend a minimum of two-thirds of PRGN meetings to forge bonds and trust with other members.

If after meeting with the candidate agency, the membership committee feels they are worthy, they are recommended to PRGN’s executive committee. Then the candidate’s information is shared with all members for review and the candidate then presents its case to the entire membership, and the membership votes on the applicant.

How does PRGN ensure that its partner agencies stay up to date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices to effectively serve clients in an ever-evolving PR landscape?

PRGN keeps its members at the leading edge of trends, technologies and best practices through various means, including:

  • Two mandatory global multi-day conferences per year where a number of speakers and sessions on the latest technologies, techniques and best practices are shared;
  • Monthly regional meetings where best practices and ideas are explored and discussed;
  • Monthly programs offered online globally by PRGN’s Knowledge Committee;
  • An annual awards program is held to recognize best practices and programs, with the full portfolio of entries made available as an ongoing resource to all PRGN members;
  • Weekly blog posts and bi-weekly podcasts; and
  • Regular sharing of knowledge via PRGN’s Basecamp site and social media channel groups.

Can PRGN provide examples or case studies of successful PR campaigns that leveraged the local expertise of its partner agencies in specific regions or markets?

PRGN agencies have worked together on countless projects over the past three decades, across state and country borders as well as across continents.

For example, Bianchi PR has worked with other PRGN members in two award-winning programs – one working with our San Francisco Bay area partner, Landis Communications, to support lidar company Velodyne, and another program with five other US PRGN members to support Domino’s US nationwide launch of the DXP delivery vehicle.

To see the full range of PRGN case studies, visit:

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