The Number One PR Hack for Automotive Vehicle Tech Suppliers

You’ve seen the articles and blog posts for start-ups that have titles such as: “Three PR Hacks To Boost Your Startup’s Exposure” or “4 Public Relations Shortcuts to Get More Media Coverage.”

There is a lot of such content out there. Some of it is interesting at best, and much of it offers questionable (and sometimes downright terrible) advice, such as:

  • Stalk your target reporter on Instagram;
  • Offer the journalist an exclusive interview with your CEO;
  • Embed your product info in GIFs to get the journalist to notice; or
  • Accuse the reporter of discriminating against start-ups and challenge them to prove you wrong.

From working with startups, consultancies and larger traditional suppliers in the automotive and mobility tech PR space for almost 30 years, we’ve learned that there is only one hack that always works.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about business, the auto industry and PR to set the stage.

Trust is Key to Winning Business

Success in business revolves around trust. Companies do business with other companies ultimately because they trust them. That trust does not come overnight through a shortcut.

In the auto industry, where production volumes are high and supply contracts can last for years, that trust takes a long time and a lot of work to earn.

As an auto supplier, you have to prove your product will work in an unforgiving environment, that it won’t cause safety or performance issues, and that you’ll stand behind it 100% if something goes wrong.

Automotive PR Success Depends on Relationships

PR is ultimately a relationship business. Those that succeed in PR invest the time and work to create trusting relationships with reporters, event organizers and influencers who cover their industry.

It’s a long game where honesty, integrity and helpfulness are paramount.

But in the crush of daily business in the hyper-competitive automotive and mobility sector, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for a PR professional, marketing director or chief communications officer, to spend all the time they’d like (and need) to spend to build those important relationships that build trust and pave the way to success.

And that leads to the PR hack for automotive and vehicle tech suppliers that beats all the others.

It’s simple, but can make a profound difference for you: Hire a PR agency that specializes in your space.

The Right Vehicle Technology PR Agency Partner

The right PR firm offers industry-specific experience and expertise it might take you years to gain. Their team understands the differences between the tech sector and the automotive industry … and how to bridge that gap.

The right PR agency will have solid reputations and working relationships with the important reporters and media, and they know the events and organizers that serve your industry.

They have already successfully helped position other vehicle and automotive tech clients as industry thought leaders, and they understand the key trends and issues that matter to your customers.

Ultimately, a PR agency that specializes in automotive technologies will save you time and money, and will start generating results a lot faster than a generalist PR agency that just dabbles in the automotive space.

And isn’t that — saving time and money, and generating results quickly — what hacks are all about?

For tips about selecting the right PR firm for your business, check out:

Author: Leslie Dagg

Leslie is an account supervisor at Bianchi PR with 19 years of B2B PR experience representing clients across multiple industries.

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