Auto Industry Podcasts in 2023. Can these Podcasts Drive Change? Transformation of Leadership & Business Culture

Guest Post by Jan Griffiths, president & founder of Gravitas Detroit

Like Vernors ginger ale and vanilla ice cream, podcasts and cars are a perfect pair. Immersive stories and compelling conversations can provide the perfect soundtracks to both daily commutes and road-trip adventures. 

But did you know that there are two excellent podcasts about the automotive industry that are quickly becoming required listening for leaders in today’s dynamic marketplace?

Those of us who work in the auto industry are very good at evolving the product, but not necessarily the people skills to match. The transformational shift to EVs represents an entirely new product portfolio and unprecedented opportunities for growth. But what about the transformation of leadership and business culture we need to get us there?

1. The Automotive Leaders Podcast: Essential Listening for 21st Century Automotive Leaders Gravitas Detroit prepares auto industry leaders for the future by promoting a more authentic leadership culture — one that values transparency, trust and kindness instead of the top-down, “command and control” style of the past. 

The Finding Gravitas podcast has been an integral part of that mission, sharing stories and strategies from changemakers like the godfather of the EV Dr. Andy Palmer, leadership expert Stephen M.R. Covey, General Motors Head of V2X & Battery Solutions Mark Bole, and former President and CEO of the Center for Automotive Research Carla Bailo.  

Now, they’re reimagining the podcast to focus even more on actionable insights from leading voices in the automotive world.  

Finding Gravitas is now The Automotive Leaders Podcast. Every two weeks, Gravitas Detroit CEO and Founder Jan Griffiths welcomes executives, entrepreneurs and innovators in the field for long-form interviews. These deep dives will be followed by shorter, solo episodes in which she deconstructs leadership lessons from the interview and provides actionable tips to help you transform your leadership skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Plus, the Automotive Leaders Podcast is now on YouTube, where you can watch video of the interviews on demand. And as always, you can find show notes and full transcripts of every episode right there on the podcast website

2. Auto Supply Chain Prophets: Critical Insights About Automotive Supply Chain

Produced by Gravitas Detroit for QAD and Quistem, Automotive Supply Chain Prophets is the very first podcast dedicated solely to global automotive supply chain issues. 

Co-hosts Terry Onica and Cathy Fisher have over 70 years of collective automotive industry supply chain and quality expertise. Guest host Jan Griffiths, the founder and president of Gravitas Detroit, is a former key supply chain executive in the industry and a thought leader on the subject of authentic leadership. 

Together, they examine the ways supply chain management has evolved and strategize to meet the challenges we face now (as well as those yet to come). They welcome both industry veterans and up-and-coming luminaries in the supply chain space to talk about their career paths, the things that inspire and motivate them — and the hot-button issues of the day. Recent guests include Gary Vasilash Transportation Editor, Gardner Business Media, Production superintendents Sherise Brown and Katrina Allen of Detroit Manufacturing Systems; and Heidi Mattison, the CIO who knows how to drive business value.

Terry, Cathy and Jan want Automotive Supply Chain Prophets to be a resource to help other industry professionals discover the hidden profits in their supply chain. As they like to say, they’re not psychics or futurists, but they do help auto manufacturers, suppliers and others in the automotive supply chain recognize, prepare for and profit from whatever comes next.

Now It’s Your Turn

In the auto industry, the time to get real about the future is now. So go ahead: Sharpen your skills, build confidence, rethink your strategies, get inspired. Gravitas Detroit will supply the soundtrack. 

Subscribe to the Automotive Leaders Podcast and Automotive Supply Chain Prophets on your favorite podcast platform so you never miss and episode. 

And we won’t be surprised if you catch the podcasting bug. If you want to learn how to create your own internal podcast to amplify your leadership message and drive employee engagement, the team at Gravitas Detroit will show you how.

Author: Jan Griffiths

Jan Griffiths is the President & Founder of Gravitas Detroit, a company on a mission to prepare leaders for the future in the automotive industry and create a culture where people can thrive.

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