Meet the Media: Krista McNamara, Content Channel Director at ABRN and Motor Age

Without revealing any secrets, can you tell us what types of stories, trends or issues are on your radar now?
Although the specific focuses always change, the main themes that drive our content are training and education. Whether that be learning how to improve your business practices, tackling diagnostics on the latest system or properly repairing the newest advanced body materials, keeping shop owners and technicians educated on the industry and the challenges it presents today is always the goal.

Vehicle scanning, advanced material repair and overall proper body repair techniques are top of mind for the collision segment, while keeping up with diagnostics and the repair of vehicles that continue to grow in technological complexity are key issues for the service repair segment.

Tell us about your dream assignment.
I love working on human-interest pieces that tell a great story about overcoming adversity. It wouldn’t hurt if I had to travel to a sunny and warm locale to get the story.

Describe the craziest or most fun story you’ve written.
I visited a shop in Detroit that was hosting a demonstration for its tire supplier on a new line of products. I rode with a stunt driver through a series of obstacles to test the performance of the tires. A slightly terrifying, but certainly memorable, day at work! By the end of the event, I was able to drive through the course myself (albeit at a much slower pace!)

What is your top pet peeve with PR people?
Inflexibility. I understand PR people have companies, products and agendas to push. But not everything is a perfect fit. Sometimes it is not a fit at all, but other times, I need to work with people who can collaborate and reshape a pitch to better fit my audience in order for it to be a true benefit for both sides. This can be hard to come by.

Tell us a little about yourself (family, interests, favorites, background, etc.)
I began my career in newspapers. I covered the court and police beats, which I found very interesting and fast paced, but quickly realized that while I loved writing, I was uncomfortable with the tenacity needed. I enjoy interacting with people, asking questions and finding a story, but most of what I was writing at the time was extremely negative and focused on interviewing people in some of their worst moments.

I transitioned into magazine work over 10 years ago. It has the fast-paced nature of newspapers, but our coverage is more informational, positive and an overall better fit with my personality.

I live in a suburb on the west side of Cleveland with my husband — a police officer — and our three boys — 5, 3 and almost 1. We rarely sleep, play referee often and tend to injuries A LOT. In my fairly limited down time, I run, love a good glass of wine and always enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Finish this sentence: People would be surprised to know that I…
Have a new-found love of fantasy football.

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