Conferences & Events in the Time of COVID: Top 8 Tips to Help Your Company Capitalize on Online Formats

You have worked hard with conference organizers to secure a coveted speaker slot at a key industry event. Your executive is on board and looking forward to the opportunity present. You have taken the time and effort to work with her or him to create a flawless presentation.

The presentation has all of the right components aimed at increasing awareness of your corporate brand and technology, building credibility and establishing thought leadership in the automotive space, educating the audience about your technologies, stimulating customer interest, building relationships with the right partners and generating sales opportunities.

But now, due to COVID-19 precautions, the event and your presentation has been moved from an onsite event to an online event.

What are you to do? How will you capitalize on this new format? Is that even possible?

We’re here to say this: Absolutely. YES. It is entirely possible and here’s how …

These are our top eight tips to extend the reach of your presentation content and help establish (or further establish) your company as a thought leader in the industry beyond a one-time online conference or event:

Post the presentation – First, be sure to post the conference presentation to your corporate website, so that those who attended (or were unable to attend) have access to the presentation and will be interested in spending some time looking around the rest of your website in the process;

Develop a news release – Create a news release highlighting key portions of the presentation content and quoting your executive. Distribute the news release via a wire service to help increase online accessibility and searchability, as well as via email to an appropriate targeted, key media list;

Utilize presentation content in newsletters – If your company has an internal and / or an external newsletter, be sure to repurpose the presentation content there and then link to your website for downloading the full presentation;

Create a blog series – Presentations provide great material for blogs, especially if you are in need of more content. Consider breaking up the presentation into a series of easily digestible blogs and then further extending your blog’s reach by sharing a link to the blog in a personalized email to customers or potential customers;

Develop a schedule of social media posts – Social media calendars always need to be filled, so create a series of social media posts promoting your blog series and linking to the presentation on your corporate website, as well as to the event organizer’s site for optimal views and downloads;

Craft the perfect media pitch – Consider pitching one-on-one phone or video conference interviews with your executive presenter and key editors in your industry to leverage the reach, credibility and implied third-party objective endorsement those editors can bring;

Get out those editorial calendars – Take a look at the editorial calendars of key media outlets in your industry and look for opportunities where the presentation content might be an organically good fit for the publication; and

Pursue by-line article opportunities – Since many industry outlets are short on both staff and time these days, pitch the presentation content as a potential by-line article or guest viewpoint column.

If you would like a free consultation with us about extending your online conference presentation reach, email Jim Bianchi at

And if you’d like to see other COVID-19 related communications resources from our partners around the world, visit the PRGN COVID19 Resource Center.

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Author: Jessica Muzik

Jessica is vice president – account service at Bianchi PR with 24 years of PR experience across the corporate, industrial and community perspectives.

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