BPR’s Top 25 PR Projects: #9 TRW Launches Electrically Assisted Steering with Mario Andretti (1997)

Challenge: How do you get busy auto executives and automotive reporters to spend a half-day hearing about and test-driving a new electric steering system … in the dead of winter in Detroit?

You make the event extra special by putting the world’s greatest race car driver of all time, Mario Andretti, on your team – participating in both the product presentation and the test drive.

The event was hosted at the Palace of Auburn Hills, outside of Detroit. Snow was cleared from the Palace parking lot and a road course was set up in the lot, so attendees could drive the new electric steering system and change performance and feel with just a few computer keystrokes.

In addition to generating a great deal of excitement and media coverage, the event was such a hit with customers and media that TRW signed a four-year contract with Andretti to represent TRW’s steering and suspension product lines, and he made multiple appearances with TRW at auto trade shows and events. And TRW’s EAS products soon became the standard of the industry.

(Special thanks to Paul Urankar and Sue Eisler, then with TRW L&SS communications & marketing, for allowing Bianchi PR to be involved in this partnership.)

BPR’s Top 25 PR Projects is a biweekly profile highlighting some of our favorite client projects, as we commemorate Bianchi PR’s 25th year in business.

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