5 Hacks to Boost Auto Supplier Social Media Engagement

Looking to boost engagement with your social media followers in 2015?

Our proprietary study of how the top 25 North American automotive OEM suppliers used social media last year uncovered many actionable insights that can help you make your social media efforts more effective this year.Top 5 Hacks infographic 8.5x11

Here are the top five fixes that automotive suppliers can use to boost engagement, along with links to tips for each hack:

Hack #1 – Incorporate more visuals into your posts.

Visual content is more engaging. Our brains find it faster to process and four times more memorable than text, yet only 15 percent of supplier tweets feature visuals. Strive to have a visual for every post. For more info:

Hack #2 – Share more earned media coverage.

This adds the most credible form of content to the mix. Studies show that third-party articles from trusted media outlets have the most impact on buyers – yet they make up less than 10 percent of suppliers’ posts. For insight, visit:

Hack #3 – Focus more on your audience, less on your company.

Suppliers seem to have it backward – they have three company-focused posts for every one audience-focused post. To engage more, turn that around. For tips, see:

Hack #4 – Post on LinkedIn more frequently. Much more frequently.

Suppliers typically have their largest audience – averaging more than 30,000 followers – on LinkedIn, yet only post there less than once a week. Strive for once a day. To learn more, visit:

Hack #5 – Make more of your posts interactive.

It’s not a real conversation if you’re dominating it 94 percent of the time. Seek your audience’s opinions, ideas and stories with interactive surveys, contests, polls, trivia questions, etc. To develop more interactive content, see:

To see a more detailed report on study findings, please call us at 248-269-1122 or email us at

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