Automotive Suppliers Need to Share More Media Coverage

When it comes to credibility, a third party endorsement such as media coverage is hard to beat. Media coverage is perceived to reflect an unbiased, objective perspective from the press, resonating in a much more authentic way with your key audiences.

A recent study by Nielsen reported that third-party articles in trusted media outlets is the most effective source of information impacting people in all stages of the purchase process.

So why is media coverage only shared by automotive suppliers on social media less than 5 percent of the time?Blog #2 Image

Our recent Social Media and Automotive Supplier Habits 2.0™ (SMaASH 2.0™ Study), which analyzed social media usage by the top 25 North American automotive OEM suppliers during the first six months of 2015, showed that, on average, only 4.3 percent of suppliers’ social media posts shared credible media coverage. Worse still, that figure is down from an already meager 5 percent during the same timeframe in 2014.

If media coverage is considered one of the most authentic and credible sources of content, why don’t suppliers use it more frequently in their social media activity? Especially when you consider that sharing earned media coverage can extend the reach of your publicity efforts in a quick, easy and direct way.

It’s time for auto suppliers to help themselves … and help their key journalists and audiences in the process … by stepping up the sharing game.

4 tips and thoughts to consider:

1. Sharing your press coverage is not only a surefire way to get more mileage out of it, it’s also a free and fast way to strengthen your relationships with key journalists who appreciate the support they get for their work.

2.Get the most out of your coverage by creating different posts to publicize it on all your social media channels. For example, posts about your coverage on Twitter should look different than a post showcasing the same coverage on LinkedIn and Facebook. Use different visuals or descriptions for your coverage to best fit the format of each and to not bore followers you might have across multiple platforms.

3. Follow the top journalists, bloggers, industry experts and publications that cover the industry to facilitate fast access to the stories they are sharing and be sure to tag the publication name as well as the reporter if applicable.

4. Be sure to support your followers that may re-post or positively react to your shared coverage by liking their posts or comments. Social media is based on pillars of interaction and reciprocity.

Bottom line: Aim to boost the impact of your media coverage and give it the attention it deserves. Show the world the positive and credible press your company has received.

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