Are Your Social Media Efforts Competitive?

Every professional service firm using social media is wondering the same things: are we focusing on the right things? Are we doing too much … or not enough? How are we doing versus our competitors?

We can provide some insight.SMUPS Average

For our Social Media Use by Professional Services (SMUPS) study of 25 top Detroit professional service firms (as ranked by Crain’s Detroit Business), we analyzed more than 8,300 posts from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. We then crunched the data to create an average firm profile, which shows that:

  • The social media channel where firms typically have the most followers are: LinkedIn (167,688); Facebook (31,956); Twitter (11,732); and YouTube (627);
  • Per month, the average professional service firm posted:2 tweets; 22 LinkedIn articles; 21.2 Facebook posts; and 2.96 YouTube videos; and
  • The average firm is missing a big opportunity by posting: three times more on Twitter – where they have 11,732 followers – than LinkedIn, where they have 14 times more followers.

Looking for more ways to take your firm beyond ‘average’ in 2016? Here are some key take aways from the SMUPS study:

1. Use LinkedIn more.

2. Share more media coverage. And if you’re not generating enough positive coverage – let’s talk!

3. Incorporate more visuals; that’s what people “read” nowadays

4. Make more of your posts interactive.

5. Create and share more content that is NOT about you.

6. Post more about your company and its employees: things that people connect with

7. Customize each post for the platform’s unique characteristics and audience – one size does not fit all.

Looking for more insight and fixes you can implement quickly? Check out Five Tips for Professional Service Firms to Improve Social Media Marketing in 2016.

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