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Where Did THAT Reporter’s Question Come From?

Posted Aug. 21st 2012

Your news conference is tomorrow. You’ve prepared for all kinds of questions around your announcement topic. You’ve nailed your key messages. You’ve rehearsed your speech. You’ve prepared your press materials. You’ve learned a little about each reporter who will attend your event. So you’re all set, right? Right … but ONLY if you prepared for […]

Everyone Reads Pictures: 5 Photo-related Tips for Greater PR Success

Posted Aug. 13th 2012

(Post by Jessica Killenberg Muzik, APR, VP – Account Services) I’ve got a confession. I don’t like to read. Never have (even though I wish I did). I can remember two times in my life where I got grounded. First, for failing to do a book report in grade school, because I refused to read […]