Archive: July 2012

Off the Record, Embargoes and Other Media Relations Pitfalls

Posted Jul. 18th 2012

If you’ve been doing PR for any length of time, you’ve received a call like this: “Why did that reporter use those market share numbers? I thought you called him after the interview and told him all of that information was off the record.” Executives are sometimes confused about what is fair game for a […]

Pay-Per-Hit PR vs. Retainer PR: The Winner Is …

Posted Jul. 10th 2012

Clients everywhere have heard the pitches … “Don’t get trapped into large PR retainers. Pay only for the media coverage you get with our pay-for-performance model”… or conversely, “PR success isn’t measured in individual hits. If you want to succeed long term, you need to retain a strategic PR partner.” Which approach wins? It depends […]