Archive: June 2012

Seven Ways a Client Can Make Its PR Firm Great

Posted Jun. 19th 2012

Having worked both sides of the street – first as a corporate PR manager, then as an agency VP and later an agency principal – I was always amazed when I saw a mediocre firm doing great work, and even more surprised when I witnessed a great firm doing mediocre work. In most cases, it […]

Part 6: Social Media Consistency Targets and Measurement for the Business Professional

Posted Jun. 12th 2012

At this point you may be wondering, how much time should you be dedicating to your social media efforts? Well it varies for every professional, but we typically recommend a total time commitment of two to three hours per week – which could include one hour of outreach on LinkedIn (via posing questions, answering questions, starting conversations, etc.), one tweet or re-tweet per day and three posts on Facebook per week. However, keep in mind that these are general recommendations, no need to force a post if the content just isn’t there.

Part 5: Creating Social Media Content and Process for the Business Professional

Posted Jun. 5th 2012

Continuously creating content is one of the biggest challenges to successfully implementing social media tactics in the business world. In the final parts of this series, we’ll share some thoughts on content, what to promote, the process, consistency targets and social media measurement.