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Business Phrases You’d Like to Kill

Posted Dec. 21st 2009

In our unscientific survey of communicators and executives to find the business buzzwords that should be banned, many of you nominated phrases that drove you nuts. So, as a follow-up to last week’s post on biz buzzwords to be banned, here are the phrases that  you’d like banished from business communications – along with some […]

Results of Biz Buzzwords to be Banned Survey

Posted Dec. 15th 2009

The results are in. A few weeks ago, in a rather unscientific survey of LinkedIn group members and Bianchi Biz Blog followers, we asked you for the business buzzwords that bug you to distraction. You responded with all kinds of words … and a few phrases, to boot. Without further ado, here are the “winners” […]

What’s Your Do-over for 2009?

Posted Dec. 8th 2009

As the line in the old Frank Sinatra hit “My Way” ( said, “Regrets, I’ve had a few …” This past year, in my personal life AND in my business life, there were a few things that I wish I could do over. Perhaps there are a few things you would like a “do-over” on, too.  […]

Business Buzzwords to be Banned

Posted Dec. 1st 2009

Here are some of the early nominations for the Top 10 Business Buzzwords of 2009 to Be Banned … words that have been driven some folks to distraction. These nominations (and annotations) came from business executives, marketers and communicators across about a sampling of about a dozen different LinkedIn Groups. 1. Takeaway (Noun, for what we learned) 2. […]