Archive: October 2009

Marketing Catchphrases – Hurl Your URL?

Posted Oct. 14th 2009

Catchphrases. We all see ‘em. We all hear ‘em. And some of us try to create ‘em. And we hope they’ll stick, especially in today’s world of 140-character messages. Last week, while presenting at the Marketing in the 21st Century symposium, I had the pleasure of hearing Corey Perlman, president of eBoot Camp, Inc., speak […]

Greatest PR Blunders – Part 2

Posted Oct. 6th 2009

The response to last week’s post about your biggest PR blunders was overwhelmingly … well … absent. Not one comment. So there are no lessons learned I can share. Except perhaps the one to be learned from my blunder, which apparently was to pose this question in the first place. Maybe it’s that people don’t […]