Archive: January 2009

Hope Over Fear

Posted Jan. 23rd 2009

Regardless of your political affiliation, you have to appreciate Barack Obama’s inaugural address. As a long-time word-worker, I know I admired his speech. Well-written. Well-delivered. Full of powerful images. The new president cited lines from the Bible. He also invoked the words of George Washington from Valley Forge, offered during the coldest, darkest moments of […]

Surf the Economic Tsunami

Posted Jan. 19th 2009

As we move into 2009, there’s one thing for sure – we’re facing an economic tsunami. We can’t change that fact. If Mother Nature has taught us anything, especially as she throws hurricanes, floods and snowstorms our way, it’s that in spite of all our technology, we cannot control the environment around us. We can […]

Time for the Detroit 3 to Shine

Posted Jan. 9th 2009

“…the Detroit Three automakers are a crucial part of the nation’s economy.”

Hello world!

Posted Jan. 5th 2009

    To blog or not to blog … that is the question for many communications professionals these days. I’ve heard it said that blogs “… are written by people with nothing to say, for people who have nothing better to read when they should be doing something else.”      As a baby boomer who remembers […]