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Advanced Automotive Technology PR Agency

New automotive technology PR has rapidly become one of the fastest growing sectors in the public relations industry, covering all aspects of the business-to-business automotive OEM field from electric vehicles and autonomous driving to connected vehicles and shared mobility.

It has also become one of the most challenging public relations practices with few real focused specialists because it requires a unique skill set and a rare combination of expertise in what were, until recently, two vastly different markets: Silicon Valley and Detroit.

If your company is in the advanced automotive technologies, autonomous vehicle technology, electric vehicle technology, connected vehicle technology, automotive battery technology, or green tech automotive industries, you understand the challenge.

While there are many general PR firms who claim to be automotive PR agencies, most are generalist PR agencies with automotive clients. There are few true automotive PR companies; even fewer who focus on the B2B OEM side of the business and can move the needle for your business and technology.

Specialists in Automotive Technology PR

At Bianchi Public Relations, we specialize in vehicle technology PR, helping tech companies and automotive suppliers reach their short-term and long-term goals. We know both the high-tech PR and the automotive PR world, and we focus on the amazing growth area where these two powerhouse sectors converge.

No matter what automotive technologies your company wants to bring to market, you need an advanced automotive PR company that concentrates on all aspects of the automotive supply chain niche.

–           Automotive software, applications, AI, data management services

–           Products or services for shared mobility

–           Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-everything (v2X), connected vehicle technology, smart city technology

–           Self-driving camera, radar, LiDAR (or other sensing systems that enable automated driving), ADAS or autonomous vehicle technology

–           Battery, fuel cell, charging technology

–           Electric drive systems and components, electric vehicle technology, e-mobility

As a focused automotive tech PR agency who has helped high tech automotive clients for more than 28 years, we know how to help vehicle suppliers to stand out in the cluttered automotive vehicle tech arena.

Silicon Valley PR Experience Plus Detroit Automotive PR Expertise

Beyond this, we have a deep understanding of how both the automotive OEM industry and the tech industry work, and we meld this expertise with senior PR experts who have boots on the ground in both market, through our Bay Area partner Landis Communications to give you the best of both worlds.

With our combined knowledge of the tech world and our experience in the traditional automotive sector, we help new vehicle technology entrants to navigate in the very different and often tumultuous automotive industry, educate automakers and build awareness, introduce new vehicle technology products and services, and ultimately help them generate support, investment and sales.

How Our PR Agency Boosts Your Business

At Bianchi PR, we work with the news media in the technology, business, automotive and related manufacturing sectors to help our vehicle technology clients score credible and influential earned media coverage.

We also work closely with key automotive and technology event organizers, conferences, bloggers and influencers to help position our clients as auto industry thought leaders, experts and preferred partners to the automakers.

If you’re looking for an advanced automotive PR company  that can help teach you more about automotive technology PR, email us or contact Jim Bianchi directly at jbianchi@bianchipr.com or (248) 269-1122.

Adriana Van Duyn, APR"Creating thought leadership and building differentiation for professional service firms is more challenging than for other client sectors. It requires a different mindset and approach to promote concepts and expertise rather than products. But we’ve been doing that since 1992, when we first began promoting the concept of lean production in North America. We relish the challenge."