Top 9 Audio Podcasts for Automotive Suppliers & Mobility Technology Providers

Insight. Perspective. Information. Fast.

If you work for an automotive supplier or a mobility technology start-up in the North American automotive industry, you face more intense competition than ever before. You need news, insight and analysis from respected experts that can help you make better decisions and develop successful strategies.

And you need it NOW.

As a PR firm specializing in the automotive supplier space, we too strive to keep up with an ever-changing industry … one that is facing more disruption and transformation than ever before. Listening to audio podcasts can be an effective and efficient way of keeping up – you can fit it in during your commute, daily run, spin workout or other activity.

There are hundreds of popular podcasts for auto consumers – covering things like auto purchasing advice, car reviews and repair tips. But there are just a handful of podcasts that can provide you with the kind of insider info and insight you need to thrive in the North American automotive industry.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the top eight audio podcasts we recommend for automotive supplier and mobility technology executives in North America:

1. Automotive Insight – Two one-minute radio segments that are broadcast weekdays on WWJ Newsradio 950 and hosted by John McElroy, an influential thought leader in the automotive industry, journalist, lecturer, commentator and entrepreneur.

2. Automotive Views with Jason Stein – This one-minute program featuring the publisher of Automotive News airs on WJR-AM Detroit every Friday morning on the Paul W. Smith Show at 6:47  a.m. It’s also available in podcast format.

3. Autonocast – Weekly 30-to-40-minute podcast featuring conversations about automation, autonomy, self-driven cars & trucks, electrification, mobility and the politics & policy around the future of transportation. Hosted by TechCrunch auto/transportation technology reporter Kirsten Korosec; writer, TV host and rally race driver Alex Roy; and Automotive News’ auto, mobility and Silicon Valley reporter Ed Niedermeyer.

4. Car Chronicles – Weekday one-minute podcast from WWJ-AM Detroit automotive beat reporter Jeff Gilbert covering trends in the automotive industry, plus a weekly test drive of a key new model.

5. Futurismo – Future-oriented feature-length podcast from Automotive News and aimed at revealing trends and technology that could revolutionize the way automakers, suppliers and dealers do business. Hosted by Shiraz Ahmed. 6 episodes per year.

6. SAE Eye on Engineering – Weekly one-minute podcast from WJR-AM Detroit covering vehicles, automotive technologies, manufacturing, and related topics. Features Lindsay Brooke, Senior Editor of Automotive Engineering International magazine, published by SAE International.

7. Tales from the Auto Beat – Daily 5+-minute podcast from WWJ-AM’s automotive reporter Jeff Gilbert, that looks at the big news and trends in the auto industry, of interest to those who work in the auto industry or have auto related jobs.

8. The Drive with Alan Taylor – Podcasts cut from a weekly 1.5-hour radio program from KHTS AM 1220 offering a unique, fast-paced look at today’s automotive industry, including the latest car news, test-drive results, auto show coverage, industry expert insights and interviews with executives, athletes, celebrities and other newsmakers.

9. Wheel Bearings – Weekly one-hour (or more) podcast offering in-depth auto-industry-savvy, engineering-focused and thought-provoking discussion on cars and the future of transportation with noted automotive journalists/analysts Sam Abuelsamid and Dan Roth.

Happy listening!

If you have additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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