BPR’s Top 25 PR Projects: #4 Domino’s DXP Launch Press Conference (2015)

Posted Oct. 13th 2016

When Domino’s wanted an automotive PR expert to help launch the pizza industry’s first purpose-built delivery vehicle, they came to the Bianchi PR team. Together with our PRGN partner Stevens Strategic Communications, the team delivered a proposal that the client said “blew the doors off” the proposals submitted by other Detroit firms. After winning approval […]

Meet the Media: Chris Paukert, Managing Editor at Roadshow by CNET

Posted Oct. 4th 2016

Without revealing any secrets, can you tell us what types of stories, trends or issues are on your radar now? I’m consumed by everything related to the rapid rise of autonomous cars, and in particular, the potential for connected, self-driving vehicles to fundamentally change humanity as we know it. I don’t view that as an […]

BPR’s Top 25 PR Projects: #3 American Heartland Homebuilder/ABC-TV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition (2006)

Posted Sep. 29th 2016

Detroit-area company American Heartland Homebuilder (now Live Well Homes) was faced almost overnight with a need for some publicity, after agreeing to donate labor and materials to build a brand new home for an Armada, Mich. family that had recently lost its father/husband, as part of ABC-TV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show. Challenges: We had […]

Website Mistakes May Be Costing You Business

Posted Sep. 23rd 2016

Our last two blogs posed some questions to consider before getting started with your PR program. Another often overlooked item is your website. Consider: Is it ready for the increased traffic that a proactive PR program might generate? And, once you have your audience engaged and looking around your website, will it help you generate […]

How Are Reporters Assessing Your CEO in Media Interviews?

Posted Sep. 9th 2016

When a reporter evaluates a CEO during a media interview, do you know what the most important factors being considered are? According to survey results shared by our partners around the world in the Public Relations Global Network — PRGN ( — it often depends on the journalist’s nationality. The PRGN survey of journalists in […]

Meet the Media: Laura Putre, Staff Writer at IndustryWeek

Posted Sep. 6th 2016

Without revealing any secrets, can you tell us what types of stories, trends or issues are on your radar now? The talent wars between automotive and Silicon Valley; the role technology companies will play in the OEM space; OEMs trying to reinvent themselves as ‘mobility companies’ and how that’s working out for them. Tell us […]

8 Questions to Ask in Your PR Agency Search

Posted Sep. 2nd 2016

Our August 12 blog post, 8 Questions to Ask in Your PR Agency Search, is still getting a large number of views, so it seems many people are struggling with the challenge of selecting the right PR firm. So, based on our experience on both the client and the agency sides, we’d like to offer […]

BPR’s Top 25 PR Projects: #1 Freudenberg-NOK Lean Manufacturing Program Rollout (1992)

Posted Sep. 1st 2016

Challenge: Helping a then little-known sealing joint venture between a German company and a Japanese company communicate the benefits of its lean manufacturing program, when almost no supplier in North America was actually practicing lean production. Approach: Start with a media audit to gauge awareness and opportunities, then move into media relations — starting with a […]

Bianchi PR’s Recent Meet the Media Profiles

Posted Aug. 29th 2016

  By popular demand, here is a list of links to our recent Meet the Media profiles:               Meet the Media: Mike Wayland, Automotive Reporter at The Detroit News Meet the Media: Lindsay Brooke, Editor in Chief, Automotive Engineering International (SAE International) Meet the Media: Jerry Hirsch, Editor at […]