How European Journalists Approach CEO Interviews

Posted Apr. 24th 2015

One of the biggest dangers facing CEOs who engage in international media relations is the failure to understand how journalistic practices vary from one continent – or country – to another. To help CEOs and their communications executives understand how journalists in Europe prepare for, and conduct, CEO interviews, the Public Relations Global Network ( […]

How North American Journalists Prepare for CEO Interviews

Posted Apr. 10th 2015

Not all journalists are the same, but a recent survey offers some new insights on how some North American journalists prepare for, and conduct, an interview with a corporate CEO. As a communications professional, knowing a journalist’s preparations and preferences can help you better prep your CEO for the best possible interview outcome. Key findings […]

Prepping for the Trickiest Auto Journalists’ Questions

Posted Aug. 6th 2014

(Post by Adriana Van Duyn, APR, Account Supervisor) In coordinating many interviews with the automotive trade media on behalf of our clients over the years, we’ve learned a few things about what reporters want. We also know that securing the interview is just the first step in the media relations process. The real key to […]

More Bang for Your Trade Show Dollars

Posted Mar. 24th 2014

(Guest post by Kayla Brown, Intern) When it comes time for your company to take part in a trade show or an event just showing up isn’t enough and it won’t guarantee the media coverage you are looking for. So this time around shake it up and try something new. Trade shows offer prime opportunities […]

Getting Quoted and Noted in the Media

Posted Feb. 5th 2013

(By Jaclyn Reardon, Assistant Account Executive) It’s no secret that one of the goals of PR is to get your company’s executives and experts quoted in articles. You want it, your company wants it and your PR firm wants it. Having your executives seen as expert sources in the media’s eyes should be an integral […]

Favorite PR & Communications Quotes

Posted Jan. 2nd 2013

(Guest post by Account Supervisor Leslie Dagg) Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good quote to succinctly make a point or generate a smile. Below you’ll find a sampling of favorites that our staff has collected. Overall PR Quotes: “Advertising is what you pay for. PR is what you pray for. – Unknown “If I was down […]

Positive Language Works!

Posted Oct. 23rd 2012

Which phrase works better: “Don’t be so negative” … or …  “Be positive”? Most people see the first comment as accusatory or critical. And they see the second comment as more encouraging, more helpful. And so it is with most communications, whether written or spoken. Negative language tends to create barriers to effective communication, while […]

Maximum Exposure: Press Release Distribution 2.0

Posted Oct. 3rd 2012

(Post by Jessica Killenberg Muzik, APR, VP- Account Service) If your typical press release distribution process is like ours, it probably goes a little something like this: Issue the press release on the newswire; Email it to a carefully crafted, customized media distribution list; Post the news to media sites that allow image / news sharing; […]

Reflect & Relate: Eight Factors for Successful Media Relationships

Posted Aug. 29th 2012

(Guest post by Account Coordinator Jaclyn Reardon) As I celebrate my one-year anniversary at Bianchi PR and my first year in the PR industry I’ve come to realize a major part of the firm’s success after 20 years stems from the relationships the BPR team has developed with industry peers and (especially) with the media. […]