Archive: February 2014

Never Lose Your Keys: Tips for Developing Strong Key Messages

Posted Feb. 18th 2014

(Guest post by Kayla Brown, Intern) Good communicators don’t just wing it! When you have a concise, powerful idea of what you want to say about your company or product, your audiences are more likely to be engaged, more likely to understand you and more likely to remember you. In order for that to happen […]


Keys to Success – Seven PR Practices to Follow

Posted Feb. 12th 2014

(Guest post by Chad Van De Wiele, Intern) In nearly every field, professionals are continuously searching for the keys to success – a short-cut to business savvy that otherwise only develops through years of practice. Although no one has all the answers – because we’re all still learning – we’re sharing a list of practices […]


Does Your Content Have the X Factor?

Posted Feb. 5th 2014

If you Google the term “Content Marketing” you get more than 1 billion hits. That’s 1,000,000,000+ … and the number continues to grow hourly. CONTENT is the biggest thing in marketing today. Every company wants it. Every agency is selling it. And every person with a smartphone, tablet or laptop can create it. Content is […]