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6 Ways Businesses Use Pinterest:

Posted Apr. 17th 2012

Pinterest is a great way for business-to-business brands to gain recognition and establish an online presence. With its impressive “length of stay” engagement numbers – third only to the time spent on Facebook and Tumblr – and rapidly growing popularity, Pinterest offers a number of ways to increase visibility when B2B brands have the right content to leverage.

Pinterest’ed In Today’s Hottest Social Media Site?

Posted Apr. 11th 2012

As business-to-business communicators, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends. The latest craze is Pinterest; a virtual pin-board that tracks users’ interests by allowing them to create and share theme-based image collections. While Pinterest is still quite new to many people and may not be adopted by the B2B community for some time, it’s still worth a look.