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The Sneaky Seven: How to Avoid Media Interview Pitfalls

Posted Mar. 22nd 2012

Post by Jessica Killenberg Muzik, APR, VP – Account Services “Help! I’ve fallen … and I can’t get up.” Many executives have stumbled in media interviews because they fell prey to unexpected questions or techniques commonly used by some journalists to help extract information or juicy quotes from tight-lipped or cautious executives. Of course, the […]

Execs: Don’t “Go it Alone” with the Media; 3 Ways PR Reps Can Help You Prepare

Posted Mar. 14th 2012

(Post from Jessica Killenberg Muzik, VP – Account Services) We’ve said it before: Reporters are always working! So in order to avoid media pitfalls and help prepare for media interactions, executives ought to consider their PR representation – whether it’s an internal PR person or a PR agency rep – a vital resource and not attempt […]