Archive: August 2011

12 Ways to Boost Your PR Professionalism – Part 1

Posted Aug. 24th 2011

When we bring a new staffer into our PR firm, we spend a great deal of time teaching them our approach. One of more recent hires thought part of our orientation would be valuable to others who are new to PR agency or corporate PR roles. While we first shared these tips with the outside […]

Newbies’ B2B Guide to Google+

Posted Aug. 16th 2011

Everyone is talking about Google+ … but what does it offer business-to-business communicators and marketers? In a word: POTENTIAL. Google+ is a collection of social networking services we already use, all in one place and according to Google, made even better. It allows you to link with friends, businesses, chat, organize your contacts, share your interests and much […]

Top 10 Tips for Your Online Newsroom

Posted Aug. 9th 2011

    It goes without saying that almost every organization these days has a website. It also goes without saying that your site’s newsroom is one of the most, if not the most, visited area for people looking to find information, especially journalists.The newsroom acts as the main portal for information about your product or […]