Archive: May 2009

You Might Need a PR Firm If …

Posted May. 18th 2009

Last week, a few colleagues in other professional service fields asked me how they might recognize if or when any of their clients might need the assistance of a PR firm like ours. So, using the format made most famous by comedian Jeff Foxworthy (who’s famous for his “You might be a redneck if …” jokes), […]

It’s the Strategy, Stupid

Posted May. 11th 2009

Back in my college PR 101 class years ago, we were taught an acronym for some simple, but great, advice: KISS – “Keep it simple, stupid.” In the years that followed, we learned another acronym of equal importance: ITSS – “It’s the strategy, stupid.” Today, marketers have more tools and technology than ever to use. With recent news that more people now […]